Consultation on draft AML/CTF Rules and Explanatory Statement amending Chapter 21 of the Rules

AUSTRAC released draft AML/CTF Rules and an Explanatory Statement amending Chapter 21 of the AML/CTF Rules.

More Detail

The draft AML/CTF Rules clarify that the domestic financial market operator Australian Securities Exchange Limited (“ASEL”) is not a ‘prescribed financial market’ under the Corporations Act 2001, but rather, has been specified as an exempt financial market by the AUSTRAC CEO.

The draft AML/CTF Rules also amend paragraph 21.4(8) to extend the exemption to apply to market participants of financial market operator FEX Global Pty Ltd in the same way as ASEL.

Consultation closed on 13 December 2023.

The Consultation documents can be found here:

DRAFT AML CTF Rules Specified Financial Markets Chapter 21 Amendment Instrument

DRAFT Explanatory Statement – AML CTF Rules Chapter 21 Amendment Instrument

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