Recap of the 2023 RegTech Symposium

Regulatory technology businesses (“RegTechs”) play an essential role in assisting Reporting Entities in meeting their AML/CTF obligations. RegTech Symposiums are an AUSTRAC initiative that provides ongoing high-level dialogue and guidance to the Australian RegTech industry to assist with developing more effective technology solutions for AML/CTF compliance.

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On 1 November 2023, AUSTRAC and the RegTech Association co-hosted the 2023 RegTech Symposium in Sydney. Attendees spent the day discussing how RegTech’s and their technology solutions can support Reporting Entities to comply with their AML/CTF obligations, with a focus on transaction monitoring programs and quality reporting.

Representatives from RegTechs, Reporting Entities and industry associations attended the symposium. The event also featured presentations and panel discussions from AUSTRAC, law enforcement and industry thought leaders and decision-makers.

Panel discussion topics included:

  • transaction monitoring programs, quality reporting and the role of an administrator;
  • governance and assurance of transaction monitoring programs and reporting obligations; and
  • actionable financial intelligence and law enforcement agency outcomes.

AUSTRAC’s National Manager for Reform Policy and Mutual Evaluation, Mr Daniel Mossop provided the keynote address, which focused on AUSTRAC’s ongoing engagement with the Australian RegTech industry. Mr Mossop said:

“The 2023 RegTech symposium highlighted the value of effective RegTech solutions for transaction monitoring programs and quality reporting. Accurate reporting is critical for AUSTRAC to generate actionable financial intelligence so our law enforcement and other partners can achieve tangible outcomes for the Australian community.”

AUSTRAC intends to host a second RegTech Symposium in Melbourne in 2024. If interested in attending then completing the ‘Expression of Interest form’ available at:

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